Renewable energy in Thai

In a present day, people all around the world have known that when we used the energy, CO2 also emitted to the world and make the world’s facing the global warming situation by now.

Some people do care and some people don’t but eventually the world is getting warmer.

Especially Thai people are realized it by now. By the mid of December is still so hot. The past five years the season shift a bit strange. Is that from the global warming or occasionally come from typhoon, El nino or something?

For the people like us. The easiest way to reduce the green house gas emission is energy efficiency and the other way is use renewable energy(wind, solar, PV, biomass, biogas, small hydro).

renewable consumption thai

Hopefully a little power from us but many, could be change the world to a better place.

Of course…. not for an alien but our-self.

Resource : Thank you to BP for Statistical review of world energy June 2015

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