Game changer of power producer

Energy Inspire : Game changer of power producer
In the past the power plant needed to be centerized due to high investment cost
The electrical power are sent from the outside of the city
Million peoples inside the town use them, that the way usually be
But now a day people can generate electricity from their own
By solar PV panel that install on the roof
You imagine that what the future gonna be
.PV city

the price of solar panel gradually drop down nearly to grid parity, so people are interesting to install PV to generate electricity for their house
It seem like the internet of things that change the media industry, no more traditional media conquers the world because the rise of social media
Peoples can do the media from their own by social media channels
Everything changed, adaptation is the way to survive
And also no exception for the power industry
From now on, the future of power industry cannot be passed on renewable energy
Traditional power and future power should be work in the perfect harmony


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