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Combat Climate Change together

SSK look at the world : Combat Climate Change together.
In the present day, Climate change is the number one challenging issue in the world.
Everyone have the effect from this.
El NiNo, Drought, Hot shock wave, High temperature, Great disaster, Typhoon, Hurricane, earth quake and so on.
If we’re not do something, it might be our turn.
Let’s start from use electricity in the efficiency way – that will reduce the CO2 emission from the electrical power plant and also saving your energy bill.
This mean that you save the world a little bit

.combat climate change

But…Bit by bit can turn in to the huge thing to make the better world.
Like Goku in dragon ball comic, the big Genki ball is a little energy that sent from peoples around the world.
Big Genki ball destroyed Big enemy. You can also turn a little to big thing – and destroy the global warming crisis.
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Climate Change

SSK look at the world

The whether is extremely cold like this is not new. Six years and two years ago we had this situation before.
Most scientists said it came from the climate changed, the ice on the north pole is reduced because the world is getting warmer from the green house gas that we polluted to the earth.
Humans will face to the extremely whether era. For Thailand, the winter season is getting shorter and Hot season is getting longer.
The problem which is the biggest problem of farmers, Lack of water is getting worse.
The climate change is not separated between the people in the world, We all faced this situation.
Start energy saving this means you indirectly reduced GHG to the earth.
A little thing you do, seem like you save the world and the people which directly affected by your own hand.

climate change in thailand